First Time Ever
Encore: New Zealand
November 23-25, 2019
What is a Creating A Dynasty™ 
Encore Presentation?
A professionally facilitated video replay presentation of 
the live Creating A Dynasty™ event held in Orlando in November 2019.
Dani Johnson and her team have authorized specific facilitators to take the message of Creating A Dynasty™ around the world!

For the first time ever there will be a Creating A Dynasty™ Encore in New Zealand!

Design Your Life And Become A Magnetic, Influential, Powerful Leader In YOUR Business, Community And Family!
NOTE: You must have attended a First Steps To Success™ event to be eligible for Creating A Dynasty™
Leadership is something hardly seen in this day and age. Every day we’re faced with the harsh reality that this world is lacking people truly committed to creating effective, lasting change. Times are changing, trends are moving and shifting. You can’t run your life, career, business or family life the way you did 5 years ago, or even 6 months ago. You will not survive this global economic turbulence if you don’t evolve from an employee to an employee-preneur to an entrepreneur.
You are not just competing in your towns, cities or states… you are competing in a global spectrum. Now is the time to take an inventory of yourself, your heart, the skills and value you bring to the marketplace and to your relationships. Now is the time to get high leverage – high paying skill sets, the right information and training to survive and thrive in the days and years ahead. This world needs true leaders who want to be a part of something bigger than themselves, leaving a lasting legacy behind.
There is a solution and an opportunity for you to receive the kind of leadership training our top producing clients use for their own personal success.
Where Leaders Are Birthed
Our 3-day advanced training seminar, Creating A Dynasty™ was designed to magnify and intensify the strategic training you experience at First Steps To Success™… and take it to an entirely new level. Creating A Dynasty™ is an experience not just a training. An experience that will change and transform the core of who you are and how you deal with people and situations. This rare event is designed for those who are willing to answer the call to lead themselves, and those around them. But it’s definitely not for everyone!
You will be taught, coached live, and in person by internationally sought-after speaker, best-selling author, success coach, financial and relationship marketing expert and founder of, Dani Johnson. She will teach you everything you need to know to fully step out into your own greatness as a leader in every area of your life.

In these three jam-packed days you will discover how to see things that can deter you from getting what you want and learn how to prevent them from happening and not to react to these things when they do happen. You will maximize your income-producing ability, gain wealth mastery skills, effectively manage your time, and govern your business and your family life. Do you want to be a person of great influence who brings about positive change in your life and in other people’s lives? Who doesn’t want to inspire others to step out and reach their full potential? You have what it takes to truly lead and create massive results in your life and in those around us. This is your opportunity to acquire income-producing skill sets (in any economy and any profession), expand your vision, gain more passion, get more drive and an even stronger desire to succeed. Those who master these skills are the ones who make things look easy and find ways to succeed in just about any circumstance. Can you imagine being one of those people?
  • ​Discover what the real secret is to managing your life for success
  • ​Find out what “True Wealth” really is… (It is not what you think!)
  • ​Learn how you can develop top producing sales reps, employees and associates in any business.
  • ​Strategic tips and techniques for resolving conflicts, issues and obstacles in any relationship
  • ​Gain advanced customer growth strategies
  • ​How to break free from the default programs and conditioning that keeps you broke, in debt and from becoming wealthy
  • ​How to develop cash flow and assets that create true wealth
  • ​Learn how to avoid daily distractions and time robbers that steal your productivity, day after day, and week after week
  • ​A formula of promotion that gets results FAST!
  • ​Identify current income streams, create new ones, leverage and grow them exponentially
  • ​How to develop and train independent leaders
  • ​A step-by-step plan on achieving your goals and not setting yourself up for failure
  • ​Specific strategies that explode your sales and increase your residual income no matter what state the market is in
  • ​Take steps to expand your skill and marketability
  • ​ Uncover what are the wealth and life secrets of millionaires
  • ​ Fine-tune and cement your ability to relate to and speak the language of all 4 Personality GEMS
  • ​Discover principles of smart investing
  • ​Identify and deprogram yourself from subconscious strongholds that have kept you from developing true wealth and financial independence in your life
  • ​Discover how to balance your personal and professional life so you are making the most of your time.
  • ​Learn how to continually grow both passive and active income-producing assets
  • ​Discover 4 money management skills to master and how to avoid investment mistakes
  • ​Set up a lifelong financial and asset plan that lasts for generations and independent of market conditions or economic downturns
  • ​Create a self-reliant living strategy that includes your family’s physical, financial and spiritual well-being
  • ​Discover this simple thing you can do to everyday that can easily increase your income
  • ​How to set and achieve goals in your personal, financial and family life
  • ​Learn listening skills that will change your life and increase your influence and client base.
  • ​How to cross over from being an amateur into a professional FAST in any profession!
  • ​Identify your passion and fuel your vision!
  • ​Benefit from open Q&A sessions and more!
Your Life Will Never Be The Same!
Are you ready to advance your personal development, sales and marketing skill sets, communication, leadership, and wealth building skills and receive coaching that will forever increase YOUR value in your workplace, career, business, and personal life… this event is a cornerstone life changing experience where you are no longer living a life of default but instead you are living a life that YOU have designed! This is where you start internalizing skill sets and turning them into subconscious habits so the you are applying skills on auto-pilot!
At First Steps to Success™
You had an introduction into people skills that enabled you to thrive and advance in any relationship whether it is personal or career related. You were shown the 4 Gems (personalities) as only Dani can do so that you are now better equipped to communicate with all types of people. You were given techniques to getting out of debt without increasing your income! So many things came out of this event.
At Creating A Dynasty™
You will study in depth each personality and actually practice the skill of communicating with each of them. You will also participate in fun and highly effective exercises that dramatically improve your listening skills so that you never have a challenge understanding others and helping them get what they want. This just barely scratches the surface of what you will receive from this powerful 3 day event! You will leave this fun filled advanced leadership training seminar with the ability to know how to react in times of crisis where you stand out from the crowd, fully equipped to handle whatever is thrown at you, no matter what situation you are in with your finances, personal and professional life.
Like thousands of others who have experienced measurable success since attending Creating A Dynasty™, you will be so happy you took this important step in creating a better life for you, your team and your family. Creating A Dynasty™ truly is a life changing, business altering event that you will never forget. Truly, you’ll want to share this with everyone you know.
Creating A Dynasty™
Encore Presentation: New Zealand
Early Bird pricing for this event ends Oct 31st, 2019 @ 2PM CT