Encore: Australia
What is a First Steps To Success 
Encore Presentation?
A professionally facilitated video replay presentation of 
the live First Steps To Success event held in Washington D.C. in April 2019.
Dani Johnson and her team have authorized specific facilitators to take the message of First Steps To Success around the world!

Facilitators have shared this message with Nigeria... Latvia... South Africa... New Zealand... Canada... the Netherlands... the UK...

And now, back to Australia!

At a live First Steps To Success, Dani Johnson teaches people everything she’s learned in her journey of success. 
Dani grew up on welfare in a violently abusive and drug-infested home. She was abused in every way on a daily basis. The personal trauma and violent conditions that Dani identified as home were all she knew. Consequently, she was pregnant at 17 and homeless at 21.

But she didn't accept what life had dished out so far. Dani rewrote her own playbook, chapter by chapter — and by 23, she was a millionaire. In the years since, Dani has become a multi-millionaire many times over. She and her husband, Hans, own multiple companies. Dani is a proud mother of 5 and grandmother of 8 (and counting). She’s also a best-selling author, internationally sought-after speaker and radio show host. 

Now, Dani has a smokin’ hot marriage with her husband... 5 of the most honorable & visionary kids... a TON of cash stored up... NO debt... workplace domination... and the freedom to do what she wants when she wants! Dani invites you along for the journey. She’s willing to teach you how she turned her life around from homeless to successful in every area of her life.
After The First Steps To Success Encore, you will...
We’re talking bonuses, promotions and raises galore. You’re the top performer in your career. But instead of everyone HATING you because of it, they’ll actually be excited for you, cheer you on and want to be like you, which will just boost your influence over that place even more.
You’re free! You wake up each morning, feeling light and excited for your day. No longer are debt collectors nagging you to pay what you owe. You can make decisions without the guilt of knowing you owe people money. You owe NOTHING to ANYBODY. You’re free to live your life.
Instead of it slipping through your fingers, you’ll know exactly what to do to make your cash stick around and grow. You’re blown away every day by how much money you’re able to save, even though your income hasn’t increased. (But then again, based on history, that is likely to happen, too.)
Your marriage will go from dull and full of arguments to steamy, passionate and full of you-know-what.  You won’t be able to get enough of each other… Instead of dreading the times you’re in the same room, your favorite time of day will be seeing your spouse.
They’ll go from bratty, out-of-control monsters to poster children. Seriously, you’ll be able to take an uninterrupted shower… They’ll gladly help around the house. You can actually take them out to public places with full confidence that they’ll behave and you’ll enjoy yourself.
A Sneak Peak Of What You'll Experience:
The focus is on building a sturdy foundation for your success.
  • Discover and tear down the barriers standing between where you are now and where you want to be!
  • How to go from frazzled and procrastinating to focused and productive
  •  What separates the successful and wealthy from the lower and middle class?
We shift to TACTICS: how to excel in business as a traditional business owner, employee, or solo entrepreneur.
  • Pay off all your debt (including your mortgage) in 5-7 years with your current level of income
  •  Specific, timeless marketing and sales techniques to grow your business in any economy
  •  What to focus on daily in your business or career for the quickest growth
  •  How to market your product or service
  •  Dominate in the workplace and be invaluable to your employer
It’s time to solve one of your biggest frustrations: RELATIONSHIPS. Learn how to create and protect your wealth and stop clashing with the people in your life. 
  •  Relieve the tension in your relationships at home and at work
  •  Discover the 4 personalities — who you are and who the people around you are.
  •  How to smoothly communicate with ALL personalities
  •  How bring in a consistent flow of new contacts and customers.
Encore Presentation: Australia
April 26-28, 2019
Early Bird pricing for these events ends April 12th, 2019 @ 2PM CT
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